Portable Electronics – Intrinsic Safety

All these portable electronics instruments were designed for Intrinsic Safety, Hazardous Locations Zone 0, Ex.  We are unique with this expertise for an Industrial Design company.

Portable Gas Chromatograph

SDI Instrument Business Outlook gold medal winner: best Industrial Design in North America. The design team, wearing full hazmat suits, tested early mockups at an EPA clean up site in New Jersey.

Portable Air Monitor

Our favourite project, inspired our blog post The president pointed a gun at me…

Handheld Gas Chromatograph

World’s smallest handheld gas chromatograph.  Ergonomic data guided design of the handle, keypad, display, and instrument balance to allow one handed operation.

The removable battery pack required careful design for Intrinsic Safety certification, as an important human interaction touch point we developed a unique and easy attachment method including custom electrical connectors.

Portable Air Monitor – Flame Ionization Detector

The top 3/4’s instrument existed, we designed the new battery pack.  The attachment method was an important human interaction touch point, we also designed a custom floating spring pin connector system.