Electronics Packaging

We have a lot of experience developing Industrial Design for electronics packaging including complete product development to manufacturing release, specially for difficult environments, rugged use, and multiple agency certifications.

Electrical Test Meter

For this manufacturer of electrical test equipment we developed a new design language, implemented across all new product development programs: coherent functional surface blocking, and a new colour scheme consistent with the corporate identity.

The functional surface blocking both protects projecting details from damage and visually separates human interaction touch points, a user centered design repeated in the software interface, and a safety feature as this instrument has very high electrical power.

The internal layout and structural design, based on a mid-plane cardcage concept, greatly eases assembly and service, has vastly improved electronics cooling calculated at early design stage using a first-order analysis.

Telco Test Device

A handheld device that would see rough long term handling. We also developed the internal layout and structural design of all components and provided complete 3D data, drawings package, material and colour specifications, and illustrated assembly instructions for the client’s EMS box-build factory.

Laboratory Instrument Network Device

Single board plus daughter cards, back panel fully connectorized, designed for high volume assembly. We provided complete 3D data, drawings package, multiple prototype runs, and complete step-by-step photographic assembly instructions suitable for the manufacturer’s outsourced EMS box build factory.

Barcode Wand for Cold Storage Warehouse

This barcode wand was expected to see very rough handling “swinging loose, tethered to a fork-truck”. We developed the Industrial Design, the internal layout and structural design of all components, FEA including simulated drop test, and provided complete 3D data and drawings package to the manufacturer.