Industrial design is a creative activity whose aim is to determine the formal qualities of objects produced in industry.  These formal qualities are not only the external features but are principally those structural and functional relationships which convert a system to a coherent unity both from the point of view of the producer and the user.  Industrial design extends to embrace all the aspects of human environment which are conditioned by industrial production.

Earned Value Analysis

Project management for the design consultancy. EVA is a very sophisticated yet extremely easy and powerful project tracking tool excellent where labour earns revenue and profit.

Injection molding plastic parts design tips

How to eliminate sink marks. A few simple design tips, these work, we use them a lot.

Taxonomy of Form, or When 50 Companies Copy Your Design

We discuss multiple examples of actual “slavish” design copying of Apple’s Mac mini form factor, some history, and examples of original design with identical form factor.

Concrete in Industrial Design

It is almost impossible to make concrete attractive, we look at a lot of examples.

The President Pointed a Gun At Me

Tales from the design trenches.

Cost Catch-22

Many designer’s do not fully understand cost, we discuss hidden and insidious cost drivers and how to avoid them.

What we do:

Industrial Design specializing in complex systems-based product development, focused on three markets:

1. Instrumentation (analytical, scientific, medical)

2. Portable electronic devices

3. Industrial products

Product development to manufacturing release including mechanical design for just about every manufacturing process, electronics cooling calculations, thermal system design, FEA. Materials, manufacturing process and vendor selection and liaison; manufacturing drawings, assembly procedures and bills of material. We have designed for EMC class A and B, IPxx, UL, CSA, CE, TÜV, FCC, Intrinsic Safety, hazardous locations Zone 0, EX, ISO.

Who we are:

Donald Bray

Donald Bray
President & Founder, Senior Industrial Designer and Mechanical Engineer
Karen Cranson

Senior Industrial Designer and Creative Director
Karen Cranson
Senior Industrial Designer and Creative Director

Awards & Patents:

SDI Instrument Business Outlook gold medal winner: best Industrial Design in North America, equipment (567Kb pdf). Patents 5,083,742  5,197,192  EP0469913



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Toronto Ontario Canada

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