Industrial Product Development

This work puts the industrial in Industrial Design, pier design’s specialty.

We have completed some unusual projects, leveraging our unique experience with product development procedures, our extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing process technologies, and even an Industrial Design sensibility in unique market sectors.

Pumping Systems: a Global Branding Exercise

We have completed multiple projects for a manufacturer of pumping systems branding exercise. We improved the visual clutter of complex pumping assemblies: clean design lines, coherent colour scheme, consistent and bold application of their corporate identity across many difficult assemblies.

All Metal, High Precision Valve

Patents: 5,083,742  5,197,192  EP0469913

Dry Storage Cask for Waste Nuclear Fuel

A manufacturing cost reduction project, we are excellent at this: design, material, process and procedures are reviewed. We suggested numerous cost reduction design and manufacturing ideas, exceeding the client’s cost reduction target and improved relations with the manufacturer.

A very clear diagram illustrating waste nuclear fuel DSC procedure.